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Past Exhibition

Jim Romberg

March 4 - May 1, 2010

Jim Romberg, Forces Resolved, ceramic, 16"h x 18.5"w x 1"d

ArtHop | First Thursdays
March 4 & April 1, 5-8pm

Jim Romberg has developed an integration of surface, color, and raku effects that present a very contemporary expression of an age old aesthetic in ceramics. Raku, which originated in Japan during the 16th century, became popular in the United States after Paul Solder introduced it as a quick firing technique in the 60’s. In stead of finishing a firing in the traditional way, raku firings involve pulling a piece out from a red hot kiln and putting the piece in container full of newspaper or saw dust to get a unique reduction effect. Some contemporary artists took this firing technique further. Jim Romberg is one of them. He is a leading artist who created a unique painterly approach to process of raku.

Romberg is currently Artist-In-Residence at Eagleheart Center for Art and Inquiry in Abiquiu, New Mexico. His work has been represented in many galleries and collections and he has been conducting workshops in the US, Canada and France.