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Slide Talk by Sunshine Cobb

Thursday, June 7

Sunshine Cobb, Garlic Jar

If you have been admiring the garlic jars showing in the Clay Mix Gallery,
you don't want to miss this slide talk by the artist, Sunshine Cobb.
Sunshine will be giving a talk about her experience as a clay artist, her
work currently on exhibit, and about the techniques used in her current
work. Additional new works will be exhibited at this Art Hop event.

Sunshine has received a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Utah State
University, Logan, UT. She has been a studio potter since and has completed
residencies at the Archie Bray Foundation and Sacramento State University.
This fall, she is going back to Archie Bray for a long-term residency and
will be a guest presenter at the Utilitarian Clay Symposium in Tennessee.
Sunshine's garlic jar was recently featured on the front page of the May
2012 issue of Ceramics Monthly.